Indri Dwi A - MKP08024 e1
Dr. Indri Dwi Apriliyanti Expertise:
Corporate political activity | Political ties and business strategy | Bibliometric analysis (systematic literature review).
Media Askar - MKP07002
Dr. Media Wahyudi Askar Expertise:
Econometrics for Policy Evaluation | Financial Development | Poverty and Inequality | Fiscal Justice | Microfinance.
Muchtar Habibi - MKP06997
Dr. Muchtar Habibi Expertise:
Labour Policy | Agricultural Policy | Political economy of development (rural and urban issues).
Novi Paramita Dewi 2_Dosen
Dr. Novi Paramita Dewi Expertise:
Environmental Policy and Development | Development Management | Subjective Wellbeing |
Nunuk Retnandari - MKP07980
Dr. Nunuk Dwi Retnandari Expertise:
Economy | Strategic Management.
Nurhadi Susanto - MKP07105
Dr. Nurhadi Susanto Expertise:
Environmental Policy | Development Planning | Performance Indicator and Government Business Process.
Nurul Dwi Purwanti 1
Nurul Dwi Purwanti, S.I.P., MPA. Expertise:
Creative Service Design | Communication policy | Creative Governance | Marketing.
Pradhikna Yunik 2_Dosen
Pradhikna Yunik Nurhayati, S.I.P., MPA. Expertise:
Health policy and management | Collaborative governance | Public accountability.
Puguh Prasetya Utomo 2_Dosen
Dr. Puguh Prasetya Utomo Expertise:
Scenario-based strategic planning | Policy/program evaluation | Qualitative comparative analysis (QCA).
Ratminto 2_Dosen
Dr. Ratminto Expertise:
Public sector reform | Service management | Human resources management.
Samodra Wibawa 2_Dosen
Dr. Samodra Wibawa Expertise:
Public policy | Local government | Administrative reform.
Subando Agus - MKP07026
Dr. Subando Agus Margono Expertise:
Public Organization | Public Governance | Citizenship.
Subarsono - MKP07006
Dr. Subarsono Expertise:
Regional Development | Decentralization.
Suripto - MKP07033
Dr. Suripto Expertise:
Public Private Partnership | Public Management | Education Policy | Public Finance.
Yuli Isnadi_Dosen 2
Dr. Yuli Isnadi Expertise:
Internet Politics | Political Economy of Development (Polanyian Perspective).
Yuyun Purbokusumo - MKP07099
Dr. Yuyun Purbokusumo Expertise:
Public Sector Innovation | Bureaucratic Reform | Agricultural Policy | E-Governance | Smart City.