Undergraduate Programme Overview

Undergraduate Programme of Public Policy and Management (UP3M), Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) is a leading education institution in the field of public administration in Indonesia. It offers educational programs which aim at producing qualified graduates who have theoretical and practical competencies on public administration. The UP3M has the vision to become internationally recognized education and research institution in public policy and management. Under the Faculty of Social and Political Science that is guided by a vision of "Committed to Science for a Better Society", the UP3M is pledged to conduct undergraduate education for "Promoting Public Governance".

To achieve the vision, the UP3M tries to continually improve quality of learning process that is supported by most updated research. The UP3M maintains closed cooperation with related partners in order to support the education, research, trainings, and publications in the field of public policy and management. The programs extend a full commitment to all of these strategic efforts for society empowerment and good governance in Indonesia along with the thrust towards creating a better society in the future. n order to accommodate specific interest of undergraduate students, the UP3M designs its curriculum based on two clusters or concentrations, i.e.: 1) public policy and 2) public management. It follows what has been generally understood as core competence in public administration. The public policy cluster focuses on policy studies in its widest scopes, especially studies on how to solve public problems through policy intervention. On the other hand, the public management cluster focuses on ability to comprehend and practice all the principles, values, approaches, and instruments for creating public values and interests through high quality of public services. Ideally, the graduates will become either public policy analysts or public managers. As such, there are a lot of potential users of the graduates, ranging from public institutions, donor institutions, and nongovernmental Organizations to state-owned and enterprises, all of which have many connections with government policy.

Started in the academic year of 2011/2012, the UP3M has launched a new curriculum with the aim of developing a coherent curriculum with the university and faculty’s vision and mission which allows students to build their knowledge systematically and consistently under two concentrations which are public policy and public management. Hence, to support this new curriculum, the teaching and learning strategies in the UP3M have adopted student-learning centre. The purposes of these teaching and learning processes are to emphasis students on deep learning and understanding of the topics of public policy and management, to promote active learning rather than passive learning, to increase sense of autonomy for the students, and to have mutual respect within student-teacher relationship.

The UP3M has academic staffs which consist of 24 faculty members, consisting of 13 Ph.Ds (5 full professors, 8 associate professors), and 11 masters (5 associate professors, 5 assistant professors and 2 lecturers) in order to teach 577 students. Quality and standards of the courses taught at The UP3M are the responsibility of all academic staff. In addition to this, benchmarking with other institutions is maintained through documentation studies by comparing curricula and syllabus of 50’s best public administration higher education programs around the world. During the academic year, the academic staff has the chance to visit public policy department in other universities abroad to develop knowledge and networking.