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The Master Program in Public Policy and Management of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences of UGM aims to assist students in developing their critical and analytical skills to understand, formulate, and overcome various public policy and public management challenges. This program prepares the students to build a career in academia. However, the range of skills attained in the program might also be applicable in the government, diplomatic services, and private sectors.

The Master in Public Policy and Management covers four semesters of study with a minimum of 45 credits, most of which are acquired through a research project in the form of a master’s thesis. In addition, all students are also required to take matriculation courses, core courses, and research methodology courses. For their minor, students may choose Public Policy or Public Management.


To become the national standard in the development of excellent human resources in the field of public policy and management in Indonesia.



In the fast-moving dynamics of Public Administration and the increasingly globalized world at the beginning of the 4th Industrial Revolution, the Master Program of DPPM is continuously progressing to prepare skillful graduates amidst the change.

The 2021 Curriculum emphasizes the strengths of the Minors, which are Public Policy and Public Management, underlining the public values by blending hard skills through lectures and soft skills through the Studio/lab model.

The highlight of hard skills lies in the depth of the theories and concepts of Public Administration Science by several means, including discussions, debates, classes, article writing, etc.

In the Studio model, the emphasis lies on applying theories and concepts of Public Policy and Management through many techniques. The techniques include issue observation, problem-solving, synergy and access development, creating room for dialogues among managing actors from across organizations, agenda-setting, and solution proposal. The outputs of Studio may be in the form of advocacy, publication, policy brief, etc.

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