Ranjani – Fastest Graduate Graduate S2 Fisipol – Period I (October)

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Ranjani is a student of the Master Program (S2) of Management and Public Policy (MKP) who won the title of the fastest graduate at the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIPOL), at the graduation of postgraduate period I (October) academic year 2021/2022.

By carrying a thesis entitled "Alienation in the Implementation of Public Service Mall Policy (MPP in Banyumas Regency" with Dr. Ratminto, M.Pol.Admin. As a supervisor, Ranjani successfully graduated with a study period of 1 year 4 months 27 days, and at graduation on October 21, 2021.

The impression of being the fastest graduate "Certainly happy, if the work can be completed as soon as possible why should it be postponed haha? Thank God I got a lecturer who can support me," said Ranjani from Cilacap.

During the lecture at the Master of MKP "It feels tired and dizzy, but still can enjoy because there is value obtained," although faced with the challenge of online lectures that certainly reduce the euphoria of discussion in the classroom, and other challenges such as the need to understand the willingness of each lecturer to be able to fulfill the duties of each course. Even so, Ranjani still feels happy because it is supported by campus facilities in learning, such as journal access. The message for other students, who must definitely be smart in managing time and choosing priorities, do what is important first. Then in compiling a thesis, be smart to see the research gap in this online era, look for topics that are not too troublesome because they have to go offline to the field. Then do the method "Pick up the ball," which is not to wait for instructions from lecturers but we are the ones who must diligently initiate, because lecturers also sometimes forget to give revisions to their students. Lastly and the main thing is communication, do not be afraid to communicate, because things that are not conveyed properly can lead to different understandings between students and lecturers so that it leads to revision. (FKP)

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