Erni Driyantini – Best Graduate Graduate S2 Fisipol – Period I (October 2021)

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Erni Driyantini is a student of the Master Program (S2) of Management and Public Policy (MKP) who won the title of the best graduate with the highest GPA at the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIPOL), at the graduation of postgraduate period I (October) academic year 2021/2022.

By carrying a thesis entitled "The Effect of Performance Reward Justice on Work Attachment With Money Love Mediation" with Ely Susanto, S.I.P., MBA. Ph.D. as a supervisor, Erni won a GPA of 3.93, and became a representative of FISIPOL offline graduates in a mix graduation ceremony on the balairung UGM page on October 21, 2021.

The impression of being the best graduate "Actually not thinking about being the best, more sure if there must be more than me, but thank God yes can represent MKP."

Initially Erni chose to continue her master's degree in MKP because it was in line with her desired job, namely working in the field of state administration.The lecture process is also "One word, which is really fun, it is not wrong to choose this study program, many things that make it fun, ranging from the lecturer, facilities, learning environment, friends who support each other, all support to be able to learn."

Although the beginning of the lecture was directly faced by the challenges of the pandemic with the limitations of online lectures, but there is still an interesting impression during the lecture, namely every course or each teacher has their own characteristics in teaching that can provide a different sense of understanding so that the material can stick to the mind "I feel proud to be taught by lecturers in this extraordinary way of teaching."

In his daily life Erni allocates more time to study and do existing tasks rather than participating in activities or organizing "This master's college is an extraordinary task," although there is still time to meet with friends, not only to socialize but also to help share ideas. Erni successfully published his work in the Journal of Administrative Sciences entitled "Flexible Working Space, New Work Culture To Increase Productivity And Organizational Performance" Erni as the first author with his colleagues Hanisa, and Yeni.

Tips during master's degree, life must be balanced between lectures / assignments with life at home / boarding school. Although when in class we compete with each other, but if there is material that does not understand then do not hesitate to ask your friends. Do the activity of saving journal readings or often reading journals to expand horizons. Finally, make friends with other students of study programs and students with higher education levels such as S3, this will be very helpful to provide other insights on our ideas, especially input from friends who have higher education, other study program friends also help input other insights regardless of our own study program. Message to friends of other undergraduate students, be it okay with anyone be it lecturers, teachers, staff, or friends "When we need their help it is they who will help us," keep the friendship with anyone. (FKP)

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