Manajemen Sumber Daya Manusia

Human Resource Management Drs. Hadriyanus Suharyanto, MSi., Agus Heruanto Hadna, SIP, MSi., Grha Guru, 2005   In an increasingly small world due to technological advances and increasingly open global economic competition, every country is demanded to improve efficiency, among others through the improvement of professional HRM, the competitiveness of a nation is determined by the […]

Akuntabilitas Birokrasi Publik: Sketsa Masa Transisi

Public Bureaucracy Accountability: Sketches of the Transition Period Wahyudi Kumorotomo, Pustaka Pelajar, 2005 It is no exaggeration to say that corruption is the root of all evils in Indonesia. From the perspective of public administration, the cause of corruption is the low accountability of the public bureaucracy. This book presents the accountability of the public […]

Analisis Kebijakan Publik: Konsep, Teori dan Aplikasi

Public Policy Analysis: Concepts, Theories and Applications AG. Subarsono, MA Pustaka Pelajar, 2005 The Public Policy Study which is part of the State Administration Science study is relatively new as it was born in the early 1970s. Public policy studies are multidisciplinary because they borrow various social science theories, such as political theory, economics, psychology, […]