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Ritsumeikan University’s - SKP

  • Ritsumeikan University – SKP Program
  • Ritsumeikan University – SKP Program
  • Ritsumeikan University – SKP Program
  • Ritsumeikan University – SKP Program
  • Ritsumeikan University – SKP Program
  • Ritsumeikan University – SKP Program
  • Ritsumeikan University – SKP Program
  • Ritsumeikan University – SKP Program
  • Ritsumeikan University – SKP Program
  • Ritsumeikan University – SKP Program
Ritsumeikan University – SKP Program

The Study in Kansai Program (SKP) is Ritsumeikan University’s non-degree study abroad program. The program brings together students from around the world at RU’s campuses in Kyoto, Osaka, and Shiga Prefectures. SKP offers participants a great opportunity to study at RU while utilizing the extensive historical and cultural resources of the Kansai region. We advise students to take Regular Course in English as it is mandatory to take English for the transfer credit program. This university is suitable for students to study Policy Science and Business Administration (Osaka) and International Relations and Social Science (Kyoto).

Program:Student Exchange
1 Semester
Minimum GPA:
Tuition fee:
Depends on OIA
Minimum IELTS:
6.5 overall, no band under 5.5
Living cost:
68.800 – 165.800 yen/ month
Deadline nomination:
12 April (Fall Semester)
October (Spring Semester)
September (Fall)
March (Spring)
Jasso Scholarship:
80.000 yen/ month

RUSSES Scholarship:
40.000 yen/ month


Entry Requirements:
  • Enrolled as an active student at the IUP in PPM
  • Completed at least 4 semesters of study at the IUP in PPM
  • Meet the requirements for minimum GPA and IELTS
  • Pass the internal selection at the department to get recommendation to proceed the application in OIA.

Required Documents:

Internal SelectionApplication in OIA
Application formCurriculum Vitae
Curriculum VitaeMotivation Letter
IELTS CertificateOfficial Academic Transcript record
Academic TranscriptStudy Plan
 A recommendation letter from an academic supervisor
 Letter of Enrollment from Faculty
 Letter of Nomination from Faculty (addressed to the Head of Office of International Affairs UGM)
 IELTS Certificate
 Scanned the personal page of the passport
 Passport picture (4 x 3 cm, white background color
 Statement of Financial Statement
 Supporting financial documents (Certificate of Deposit Balance issued by Bank, Scholarship Letter, etc)
 Health declaration form


Tuition & Living Cost:

Japan Visa                          : 3000 yen
Flight ticket (return)           : 89.400 yen
Tuition fee                           : Waived by host university
Student insurance (NHI)   : 2000 – 3000 yen/ month
Living cost                           : 68.800 – 165.800 yen/ month

Accommodation off campus : 30.000 – 60.000 yen/ month
Personal Liability Insurance : 750 yen/ month
Meals                                      : 20.000 – 50.000 yen/ month
Public Transport                      : 12.000 – 15.000 yen/ month
Miscellaneous                         : 25.000 – 30.000 yen/ month
Communication           : 8000 – 10.000 yen/ month


Credit Transfer:
Ritsumeikan UniversityGradeIUP-PPMGrade
A+100 – 90A4,0
A89 – 80A4,0
B79 – 70B3,0
C69 – 60C2,0 (Pass)
F≤ 59E0 (Fail)


Further information:


Course offered:

Link for syllabus (
2 Credits = 4 SKS at UGM (transferred to 1 course).
Students need to take maximum 12 – 14 Credits (6-7 courses).

Fall Semester CourseSpring Semester Course
Peace and Conflict StudiesPeace and Conflict Studies
International OrganizationsInternational Organizations
North-South RelationsNorth-South Relations
Global Civil Society and DevelopmentGlobal Civil Society and Development
Media and SocietyGlobal Environmental Issues
International MigrationInternational Trade and Investment
Sustainable Urban Policy I (Disaster Management)Media and Society
Regional Economy and Development II (IR and Regional Development)International Migration
Regional Economy and Development IV (Public Expenditure and Taxation)Japanese Politics
Multi-level Governance I (Politics and Climate Change)Japanese Economy
Multi-level Governance Ⅳ (Comparative Public Management)Introductory Course to Climate Change and Global Warming
Special Topics on International BusinessLecture for Humanities – Understanding globalization of tourism from geographical perspectives
Special Topics on Organization and Management (Sustainable Economic Development)International Environmental Issues
International Strategic ManagementSustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in a Nutshell
International Human Resource ManagementRegional Economy and Development I (Theory of Development Economics)
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in a Nutshell

Regional Economy and Development Ⅲ

(International Economics)

 Multi-level Governance II (Policy Making Process)
 Multi-level Governance Ⅲ (Refugee Issues)
 Sustainable Urban Policy IV (Urban Housing and Policy)
 Sustainable Urban Policy Ⅱ (SDGs)
 Sustainable Urban Policy Ⅲ (Nature and Socio-Economic)