About Us IUP

International Undergraduate Program in Public Policy and Management (IUP in PPM) is a purposefully program designed to respond to new challenges in both local and national as well as global level which require new ways of doing business. The program aims at arming students with knowledge and skills in three main areas, namely:

  1. International Development and Policy

This is a new area of interest which focuses on preparing students with international dimension of development. Prospective students who are interested in pursuing career path in international institutions, multinational corporations, international NGOs and high-profile governmental organizations are strongly recommended to focus in this area.

  1. Governance and Public Policy

This area of interest is designed to arm students with broad understanding and technical capacity as to how to make public policy, implement and evaluate it, as well as underpinning governance structure which structures its process. This area is highly dedicated for candidates who are specifically interested to be professional policy analyst in public sector and international organizations.

  1. Public Management and Innovation

Managing public sector in new context requires professional practitioners with strong background in human resource management, organizational development, public service innovation, and knowledge management. International organizations,  prominent internationally-linked government bodies, multinational corporations, and private sector are among the potential career options.