Executive Summary: The Demography of Indonesia in Comparative Perspective

After successfully reducing the birth rate through family planning program over the last 40 years, Indonesia is currently at a demographic junction. A 2.5% decline in birth rate will not hamper the rate growth of the productive age population in the future. If the birth rate continues decreased to 2.1%, Indonesia in 2050 will remain […]

Business, State, Civil Society and The Role of University: In Search of a Common Platform for Collaboration

REFORMA, (Center for Policy and Management Studies) -Department of Public Policy and Management, Universitas Gadjah Mada in collaboration with Universite Le Havre-France invite academics, researchers, students and practitioners to present their papers. The central premise of the twentieth century such as state vs market is obsolete. Government often finds it lacks skill, political will and the budget to get everything done while the private sector itself is often struggling to survive. Consequently, the state cannot solve all problems and neither can the private sector.