Kebijakan Publik dan Pemerintahan Kolaboratif Isu-Isu Kontemporer

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Public Policy and Collaborative Governance of Contemporary Issues

Dr. Agustinus Subarsono, M.Si., MA, Gava Media, 2016

This book describes the need for partnerships between universities, industry and government in order to develop quality human resources to deal with the coming ASEAN Economic Community (MEA) through the concept of triple helix. The University not only acts as a producer of knowledge, but also producers of graduates in accordance with the needs of industry and society. Nevertheless, the concept of triple helix has not been able to run optimally because of the lack of trust and understanding among the three sectors, and government policy has not supported the development of inter-sector collaboration. To that end, the government should revise policies that could hamper the development of triple helix. Universities must also begin to formulate academic policies that are capable of responding to the demands of the industrial world and society.

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