Reformasi Tata Kelola BUMD Belajar Dari Kabupaten Sorong Selatan

Regionally-Owned Enterprises Governance Reform Learning From South Sorong Regency Reforma, Center for Policy and Management Studies, 2014 This book contains the results of a study on governance reform ofRegionally-Owned Enterprises (BUMD) in Sorong Selatan District, West Papua Province, conducted by the Center for Management and Policy Studies (Reforma UGM) in cooperation with the South Sorong […]

Manajemen Publik Kontemporer

Contemporary Public Management Dr. Subando Agus Margono & Bevaola Kusumasari, Ph.D., Gava Media, 2014 This book is a collection of research results lecturers Department of Management and Public Policy, FISIPOL UGM. This book features three subjects. First, the Public Issues and Local Government Response. In this chapter contains studies on SMEs, Local Wisdom and Social […]

Manajemen Bencana dan Kapabilitas Pemerintah Lokal

Disaster Management and Local Government Capabilities Bevaola Kusumasari, PhD, Gava Media, 2014 This book describes disaster management from the perspective of public management. The novelty of this book is to offer a theoretical review of the organizational capabilities in disaster management, the role of local government in disaster management and the lesson learned of a […]