The Focus of Activities

The Focus of Activities


Organizing scientific study activities. The results of the studies are used to develop the capacity of the public sector, especially in the framework of bureaucratic reform and public policy formulation process that enable the encouragement of the development process.

Training & Dissemination Studies

Reforma conducts capacity building activities of human resources, such as training (shortcourse, technical guidance) and workshops. In addition the program is directed to organize other scientific events as a form of dissemination of research results and media exchange ideas such as conferences, seminars, regular discussions, book review, and publications.

Advocacy and Community Service.

Advocacy and community service activities provide various activities of assistance and community empowerment that is non profit. Objectives of advocacy activities include social campaigns on public issues and capacity building of local communities.


As a form of knowledge dissemination to a wide audience, REFORMA periodically publishes INTERAKSI Journal, monographs, research results, policy briefs, knowledge notes, public campaigns and other publications in print or online.