Prospective Student

This page is reserved for students who intend to seek further information about the Department of Management and Public Policy, University of Gadjah Mada. In these pages there are seven sub-menus that contain informations about subjects related to Management and Public Policy UGM. The Sub-menus are:


  1. Tuition Fee: In this sub-menu will be shown and described tuition fees that must be paid by the student JMKP UGM.
  2. Why JMKP UGM?: This sub-menu will described the backgrounds and the benefits that can be obtained when students enroll in DPPM UGM.
  3. Alumni said: In this sub-menu alumni will describe and explain in general, what DPPM is, and also the potencies that is possessed by DPPM UGM.
  4. Facilities: In this sub-menu the various facilities provided for students of UGM JMKP will be described, such as buildings, library, and various other useful facilities that support the teaching and learning activities.
  5. Workfield: In this sub-menu described the various areas of work that can be occupied by DPPM UGM alumni. Thus prospective students can direct themselves to the desired jobs.
  6. Curriculum: In this sub-menu the education curriculum to be followed by the student is described in depth.
  7. Lecturer: In this sub-menu is shown the lecturers who administer various courses in JMKP. From here, prospective students can assess the quality of the teaching staff who will conduct learning activities when prospective students have been enrolled as a student in DPPM.


From those seven sub-menus the the prospective students are expected to know more about the information related to the DPPM, the quality of DPPMl, and a variety of potential that is possessed by DPPM itself.