Studios (S2)

Studio Management Design

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The studio is managed by prioritizing a certain focus that can accommodate the colors of all the courses presented. Design Studio begins with the formulation of a syllabus that is oriented towards soft-skill development in certain subjects. The Publicness Forum is one focus currently being selected.

Business Process Studio

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Syllabus that opens field access


Field ideas


Location access


Field intervention


Field intervention


Mapping of public issues


Leadership collaboration, critical thinking and problem solving


System/document design



Studios (S2)

Publicness Forum Cluster Study

Currently running, aims to sharpen the concentration of S2 MKP through the initiation of cluster publicness in public policy and public management.

Studios (S2)

Studio Management in Public Policy Concentration

Packaging Public Value in the agenda setting flow mapping, articulation, aggregation, and formulation in public policy.

Studios (S2)

Studio Management in Public Management Concentration

Improving public value in service management and management of various public programs.

Studios (S2)

Studio Method

Deepen the practice of qualitative, quantitative methods, with several tools such as NVIVO, BIG DATA, SPSS, ETC.

Strengthening the sense of the phenomenon of public administration by conducting field visits, examining the case of one of the public sectors, building networks, managing preferences, organizing resources, etc. to building a dialogue to offer changes at the level of management and public policy.

Conducting campaigns, seminars, brainstorming, FGDs and dialogues with actors across organizations, across interests and across values.

Studios (S2)

Process – Product

Publication of studio results in several forms, such as journal articles, policy briefs, etc.

Dialogue and advocacy across stakeholders to build negotiations in the context of flexibility in policy management models that prioritize the values of citizenship, democracy, justice and transparency.

Managing Public Discourse related to public issue campaigns that are being managed.