Doctoral Programme Curriculum (S3)

Doctoral Programme Curriculum (S3)

The curiculum structure for doctoral prorgamme in Department of Public Policy and Management are research based, and independent research are geared to produce a dissertation that mets certain qualifications.

Education Scheme:

  1. Without lectures (waived scheme)
  2. With lectures (Independent study and class lectures)

Duration of study is three (3) years.

There are two compulsory courses, and two compulsory course subjects that follows the dissertation topic, those subjects are:

Research Methods

This course subject is meant to give understanding to student about the principal methods of research, especially researches that is close to the subject and study of Public policy and management. The aformentioned principal are: The definition and scope of research in the study of public administration, the kinds of research, various research data, the research process, the characteristics of good research, data processing and analysis techniques and how to present it in a report, etc.

This methodological understanding ia also useful l to bridge the contemporary issues within the practical scope of the policy and management with evolving concepts and theories in the study of public policy and management.

Epistemology of Public Policy and Management

The purpose of this course is to give a theoritical understanding to the student about the ontology, epitemology, and axiology from the study of public policy and management. Students are expected ti be able to understand the theory and concept that's growing within the study of public policy and management, along with the dimensions and components of other social studies that's growong within the study of public policy and management, especially progress towadrs the study of public policy and management.

Furthermore, this course is expected to give abilities to the students, so they will be able to formulate new theories and concepts, to support the development of public administration study.

Concentration course

In the first year of programme, students must take at least two interest course, that are adjusted with the interest or concentration of the student. The chosen courses must have suitable substance in accordance with the topic of the students' dissertation