Simplifying Users to Make Complaints on Health Insurance Services

The user’s sevice complaints is informations that can be used as an important consideration to improve the performance of service delivery. But many citizens of service users do not complain even though they are not satisfied with the service received. The causes are quite varied such as a low awareness of the user’s right to […]

Increasing Public Understanding on the Rights of Participants Health Insurance

The  health insurance participants. community must understand the scope of their rights. The amount of knowledge of the scope of rights is closely related to the success or failure of the program. The awareness of the scope of such rights includes knowledge of the amounts financed, the inpatient class, the type of services borne by the […]

User Community Health Insurance Satisfaction

Kulon Progo Regency is one example of local government that provides health insurance for people known as Regional Health Insurance System (Jamkesda). The system provides health insurance for every Kulon Progo citizen who is not sheltered in Jamkesmas or Jamkesos. In 2013, Jamkesda participants ranks second after Jamkesmas with a total of 26.56% of the population […]

Increasing the Responsiveness of Handling Complaints of Health Insurance Services

Responsiveness is one of the indicators used to measure the performance of public services. Rapid response, good, professional, and aspirational, is needed by the community to meet its expectations of public services. In this policy brief will be discussed about how the responsive behavior (response behavior) that needs to be done by health care providers […]

Optimization of Outpatient Drug Services in Health Insurance Program

The realization of decentralization in health services with a health insurance program that ensures all Kulon Progo residents is a good social policy step. However, in the level of the provision of drug services which is a vital aspect of health services, there are still some aspects that need to be improved. Surveys show that […]

Optimization of Primary Services system in Health Insurance System

Inpatient space capacity within the framework of Health Insurance is a fundamental problem that emerged in the early days of the implementation of the National Health Insurance System in 2014. Efficient use of facilities and medical personnel at the optimal primary service system level is expected to be the answer to the problem, so that […]

Complaint Mechanism on the Health Insurance System

Numbers of public complaints in health services are often found easily in everyday life. Limited public access to obtain clear information about the rights and obligations in a service often backfire for service users to get excellent service quality. On the other hand, although many local governments have provided the media for the community to […]