Field of Study

  1. Organizational Review: Organizational Structuring Design, Organizational Culture, Organizational Environmental Analysis, Organizational Governance
  2. Human Resource Management: Job Analysis, Performance Assessment / Measurement.
  3. Development Planning: Preparation of Planning Document, Budgeting and Public Finance
  4. Public Service: Service Management, Design of Public Service Reform.
  5. Public Policy: Public Policy Analysis, Policy Advocacy, Monitoring, Evaluation, and Policy Termination
  6. Decentralization: Regional Autonomy, Deregulation of Licensing, Inter-Regional Cooperation.
  7. Public Sector Economics: Strengthening SMEs in the era of MEA, BUMN / BUMD Management, Increasing Investment Climate.
  8. Disaster Management: Disaster Communication System, Disaster Risk Reduction Capacity.
  9. Tourism Study: Destination Development, Promotion and Tourism Marketing.
  10. Public Sector Marketing: Marketing Management, Increased Marketing Capacity.
  11. Community Empowerment: Social Entrepreneurship, Strengthening Community Capacity


  1. Organizational Review: Formulation of Government Cultural Values, Organizational Structure Design and Working Procedures (SOTK), Network Analysis.
  2. Human Resource Management: Performance Appraisal Instrument, Job Analysis, Workload Analysis, Job Evaluation, Position Competency Analysis.
  3. Development Planning: Technocratic RPJMD, Renstra, Renja, RKPD
  4. Public Service: Minimum Service Standard (SPM), Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), Public Service Standard.
  5. Public Policy: Academic Paper, Draft of Regional Regulation (Raperda), Draft Regulation of Regional Head (Raperkada), Policy Brief, Policy Note.
  6. Decentralization: Licensing Regulation, One Stop Integrated Service Design (PTSP), PTSP Evaluation.
  7. Public Sector Economics: BUMD Governance Reform, Master Plan of Investment Development, Master Plan of SME Development.
  8. Disaster Management: Disaster Management System, Disaster Prone Map, Disaster Communication System Master Plan.
  9. Tourism Studies: Master Plan for Tourism Development, Tourism Potential Analysis, Tourism Market Analysis, Tourism Destination Development Strategy.
  10. Public Sector Marketing: Marketing Map, Market Analysis, Marketing Strategy.
  11. Community Empowerment: Community Empowerment Model, Community Empowerment Action Program, Social Mapping.