1. The Faculty Building

The Faculty of Social and Political Sciences has three areas of buildings. The main area is located in Bulaksumur which is currently still under reconstruction and is expected to finish in 2012. The second one is Sekip Campus where the UP3M is located. The last one is located in the Inter-University Center, called as PAU building, in the northern-west of university complex. The total area of the faculty is 22.104 m2 comprises of Bulaksumur (12.353 m2), Sekip (5400 m2) and PAU (4251 m2). Sekip has Dean’s and Vice Dean’s Room, Dean’s secretariat, class rooms, laboratories, meeting rooms, 3 department (Public Policy & Management, Sociology, and Social Development & Welfare) and the Master of Public Administration Building. The PAU has staff room for department of Political Sciences, meeting rooms and library. The last area is Bulaksumur which has several class rooms, staff room for 2 departments (International Relations and Communication), supporting staff room, student service room, administration center for graduate program, multimedia room, seminar room, meeting room, presentation room, canteen, and student’s plaza. Currently, the study activities are mostly undertaken in Bulaksumur where 36 rooms are available. Each class room is available either for 25-40 seats or 75-90 seats. It is equipped with LCD projector, computer PC, LAN connection, white board, sound system, intercom phone unit and air conditioner. The class room capacity is divided into 2 categories.

2. Library

The Faculty’s library is located in Bulaksumur to provide easy access for students. Library has reading and reference room and has ranged of collection both printed and electronic version (Table 10). The library opens from Monday to Friday at 8am – 4 pm, while on Saturday, it opens from 8-10 am.

3. Multimedia Room

Since 2006 the faculty has built multimedia room for interactive learning activities. This room is essential for movie screening, presentation and video conference using a real time online system. This room is equipped with 2 Mbps bandwidth. The UP3M has conducted electure programme with Sunkyunkwan University in Korea in the first semester of 2011/2012.  E-lecture programme has two method both off-line and online activities. During online activity, the student from UGM presented Indonesia issues and on the other hand students from Korea presented Korea’s case.

4. Environmental Policy and Emergency Plan

New buildings in Bulaksumur are designed as a modern complex for learning activities based on safety standard concept; such as providing emergency evacuation procedure. Automatic elide fire system is available in each room and the fire hydrant is also available in each floor. This new building is also disable-friendly.