News Release

AUN Accreditation Certificate

Based on the audit and assessment of the ASEAN University Network (AUN), the Undergraduate Study Program of the Department of Public Policy and Management (DPPM) UGM Faculty of Social Sciences and Politics is considered capable of meeting international education quality ...

Opening of the 63rd FISIPOL UGM Anniversary

Participation of the Department of Management and Policy, in the Opening of the 63rd FISIPOL UGM Anniversary, today, Wednesday 19 September 2018. Besides participating in the Tumpeng decorating competition, DMKP also participated in the Gaspol Band, which presented various songs ...

Call for Paper ICASPGS 2018

Call for Papers for The Annual International Conference on Administrative Science, Policy, and Governance Studies 2018 on "Advancing Policy, Governance and Innovation In Digital Ecosystems: A Multidiciplinary Approach"