The Faculty of Social and Political Science, UGM—formerly the Political Science Academy, founded in September 1949—was initially established to educate government’s bureaucrats in the field of domestic politics and foreign affairs during the early years of Indonesian Independence. At that time, the study of politics was still integrated with law and economics. The Faculty of Social and Politics was established as an independent unit that later being changed into the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIPOL, Fakultas Ilmu Sosial dan Politik) in 1955. To manifest the envisaged goal of ―Committed to Science for a Better Society‖, the faculty employs six missions, namely: 1) to improve the quality of education for undergraduate and post-graduate levels; 2) to carry out scientific as well as action research, and promote internationally publications; 3) to develop research-based community services; 4) to maintain institutional cooperation in local, national and international levels; 5) to improve the quality of community services by creating better human resources, management innovation, and facilities; and 6) to develop good faculty governance internally within the faculty as well as public.


The DPPM was founded in 1957, which was initially called State Affairs Department. In 1964, the StateAffairs Department changed its name into the State Administration Department (SAD). With a decree of General Director of Higher Education No. 221/DIKTI/Kep/1996, the name of SAD as one of the departments in Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, UGM, was formally codified. In 2010, the department changed its name again to the Department of Public Policy and Management (DPPM). In its age which has reached more than half century now, the department has done a lot of dedication and services for the advancement of administration practice, government management, and development in Indonesia.