Head Department's Regards

Welcome to the official website of Department of Public Policy and Management (DPPM), Universitas Gadjah Mada! This website is an attempt to disseminate the information about DPPM to the people, whether it's inside or outside the campus, as well as wider community that needs the informations about DPPM.

To acknowledge the development of the study, Department of Public Administration (DPA) in 2010 has transformed itself to Department of Public Policy and Management (DPPM). The change of name won't change the reputation of DPPM as one of the foremost insititution in Indonesia, in the context of the development of public administration science.

From the human resource perspective, DPPM is reinforced with an array of experienced teaching staffs and researchers. Each and every staffs of DPPM has been taking part in the national and international level of education. As for today, DPPM is supported by 26 teaching staffs, seven Professors, ten Doctors, three Doctorate Candidates, and eight Magisters.
Every DPPM's achievements are supported by reliable human resourcem and a commitment to develop the curriculum in order to answer the demands of science progress and job market. As of today, DPPM has spawned thousands of alumni, spread accross multiple of sectors, from public, private, and even non-government organization (NGO).
At the age of nearly sixty years old, DPPM is still persistent in the attempts of developing the capacity of public sector. Our main mission is "Strengtening Public Govenance". This vision is translated into a plethora of innovation in the teaching activities. Beside of teaching activities, DPPM also providing researches, trainings, and mentoring activities in the public sector. These activities are conducted by DPPM's Research Unit, REFORMA (Centre for Policy and Management Studies).
Through this media, DPPM invites people to visit vitually and explore our studies and tighten our network. We hope this website could provide many benefits for all of us. For students, we hope that this website could improve the process of academic services.
Warm Regards,
Prof. Dr. Agus Pramusinto, MDA.
Head of Department of Public Management UGM