Overview Post Graduate (S2)

Postgraduate course in Management and Public Policy ( MKP ) UGM in 2010 declared itself as a result of transformation of the Department of Public Administration UGM. The study program is set to focus its studies on public policy and management, especially related to the institutional dimension, process, and respond to the values in public affairs and public interests.

The vision of this program is to become a center of reference for the development of public administration in Indonesia. While the mission is conducting an educational program, with international standard for scholars from different disciplines who have an interest in public administration.

In order to support the vision and mission, DPPM UGM Master Prgogram has conducted various international cooperation activities. Initiation of cooperation that has been carried out among others, with several universities in Thailand, the Philippines, Germany, Korea, Malaysia, and Australia. The results that have been achieved are writing together for a journal article, a flagship program of e-lecture with the Korean Foundation and visiting lecturers from abroad to lecture and give seminars. In the near future pioneering cooperation for the development of the double degree program will also be conducted by leading universities abroad.