Quality Assurance

Curriculum in the UP3M is reviewed once in every five year albeit the course contents are reviewed by a responsible lecturer every semester. This curriculum was formulated based on ELO and design of DPPM curriculum map. In terms of learning evaluation, at the last session of every course, students are asked to fill in questionnaire either online or offline in order to get feedback from students to develop and monitor teaching process in the UP3M. The questions on the questionnaire were designed to support and maintain the university, faculty and department’s reputation for excellence in teaching and research. There are 3 categories used in this questionnaire.

First is related to teaching preparedness. Contribution to teaching preparedness within department includes questions on how the lectures prepare their courses to gain expected learning outcome for the students.

Second is about teaching development and innovation which cover question how the lectures supervise students and develop innovative learning atmosphere for students.

Third category is related to teaching evaluation which consists of questions on how the lectures develop mechanism for assessing students in the whole semester.

Based on the questionnaire findings the UP3M has conducted a curriculum workshop, joint research between lecturer and students, joint lecture between the UP3M and foreign universities, exchange students, and developing new methods in research activities (action research, legal drafting, and policy advocacy). AMAI ( Internal Audit on Academic Quality) has been conducted by UGM every year in order to asses the quality of teaching and learning system in every department. 


Undergraduate Programme Accreditation Certificate

Master Programme Accreditation Certificate


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