Doctorate Program Overview

The development of technology and science is an essential part of the globalization current that's affecting all aspects of citizen's life. Starting from the administration system, education system, public organizations, state and private enterprises, and even social institutions are faced with a new and challenging phenomenon. this reality requires all parties to be able to adapt appropriately in order to able to seize all opportunity effectively and efficiently.

Nowadays, every ranks of an organization are faced with a national agenda that's urged to be managed properly. The demands for creating good governance, democracy, district/city and province autonomy, and also a good public service delivery are surfacing. The wave of reformation needs to be followed with a concrete behaviour in the state practice.

All of it requires a human resource development in every organization, public or private. An effective and efficient practice of human resources management and development in order to anticipate the changing dinamycs of society is becoming and indispensable requirement for the entire organization.